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STEM Fair 2023

The STEM Fair will be held on January 20th from 6:30-8:30 PM (rain date January 27th). 
This night of family fun and amazing discovery will consist of 2 types of events:
  • those that should be prepared at home ahead of time, and
  • additional STEM tables meant to be enjoyed that night without any prior preparation.
Stations will include:
  • Bridge breaking (requires registration; see below for details)
  • Sled racing (requires registration; see below for details)
  • 10 STEM challenge stations
  • Robo Raiders Demo station
  • Talewise Dry Ice station
  • Talewise Liquid Nitrogen station
  • Talewise Science Photo Booth 
  • Thermal energy station (aka Hot Chocolate)
  • PLUS any parent led stations!
STEM Fair Infographic.png
To participate in the sled racing and/or bridge breaking stations you must register through Community Pass.  Sleds and bridges should be built at home and brought to the STEM Fair.  To get a full explanation of these activities, including a demonstration, click on the video to play.
For a written explanation of the rules, click on the PDF icon below:
STEM Fair Rules

We hope to see you there!

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